one, two, ten

DVF... Because she never gets old to me. This is from the seventies.



Lynda Barry is one of my favorite authors. Wish I had read her stuff when I was a child. When asked in an interview what she collects (besides voodoo dolls), she replied, "I collect rags, bones of animals, teeth, skulls, little cute animal dolls, flea market instruments I can't play, seeds for the garden, paper and pens. I think that's all."

Happy New Year

I'm channeling this passion (obsession?) and commitment in 2010. That's Bruce Weber, btw. He's even inspiring in front of the camera. Who knew?



black in blue

I love DVF!


vintage point

These are vintage advertisement posters.
Brilliant use of color and lines!
Love 'em!


Film Find

I'm an art enthusiast especially when it isn't removed from everyday life. In Liberty City is Like Paris to Me, fashion photographer/filmmaker Bruce Weber wraps his artistic perspective around the inner city gem of sorts. He connects Parisian fresh romance with Liberty City's stampede toward equality for all. The magic is in the music, dance, and true-to-life emotion which comes through loud and clear.

Weber writes, "We all want the same things: just a little bit of understanding, love, and encouragement for the soul."


Nanette Lepore

Doesn't this model look like a cat? :-)


Duffy's Tavern

Image: Gordon Parks, "Duffy's Tavern", 1949

Image: Ed Gardner's Duffy's Tavern, 1947

Anytime I see come across something that even remotely reminds me of Gordon Parks' work, I FREAK out! :-)




Elliot Elisofon for LIFE MAG- 1943

Vogue India


fantasy... right?

Saw this pic from a not-yet-titled Disney/Pixar production. That's actually Cinderella's castle sitting atop the wasteland. I'm not sure who the artist is but he/she's done an incredible job.